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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> just weeks before the election and people in maryland are forming clear opinions on gay marriage including some baltimore ravens players. tonight they have a message for voters. bob barnard starts off the news edge in baltimore. >> reporter: it's the one ballot question here in maryland most voters we've come across seem to know the most about and opinions one way or the other are pretty clear cut. >> awesome of you to do this. thanks very much. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley has invested a great deal of political capital toward legalizing same sex marriage in the free state. on this night joining baltimore ravens linebacker brendan ayanbadejo at a monday night football watching party and fundraiser in baltimore for marylanders for marriage equality. >> it's a matter of equality and treating everybody fairly. it's not a religious issue. it's about fairness. if you treat one american one way, you have to treat them all the same way.
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>> reporter: governor o'malley signed the civil law protection act in march, but opposition groups got the issue put to voter referendum november 6th. >> once people have an opportunity to think about this issue a little more, i think you'll see marylanders supporting question 6 because it will protect every child's home equally under the law while also protecting religious freedom. >> reporter: another ravens player is speak out publicly on question 6. center matt birk is in a tv ad for the other side. >> i'm ravens center matt birk. marriage is not easy. marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> reporter: on the streets of federal hill we found most saying they'll be voting for question 6. >> i'm all for gay marriage. so i guess is that a yes or no? >> reporter: that's a for. >> i'll be voting for question 6. >> 100% voting for question 6 no doubt. >> reporter: but maryland voters opposed to gay marriage say their votes will building counted. >> against gay marriage because i -- will be counted. >> against gay marriage because i believe a man and woman is
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supposed to be married. >> reporter: you plan on voting. >> of course. i'm registered. that's what i believe. >> reporter: with just four weeks until the matter is settled the campaigns for and against gay marriage in maryland are just now heating up. in baltimore bob barnard, fox 5 news. another big race heating up in virginia, george allen and tim kaine squared off debating the issues in the virginia senate race. fox 5's karen gray houston live in richmond. >> reporter: what we saw tonight was a rare pairing of former governors going after a very important senate seat. it's the debate tonight coming at a defining moment in the campaign with the most recent polls giving the democrat tim kaine a slight edge. it was the first televised primetime debate between the republican george allen and democrat tim kaine in a race that mirrors the presidential campaign and their messages, the candidates trying their
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best to show how they were different from each other. social security was a sticking point with george allen favoring a higher retirement age and tim kaine on the attack saying allen had favored a controversial plan to privatize social security. kaine pushed women's issues saying while others would block women's progress he supports an insurance mandate for contraception and allen doesn't. allen did not really answer a question about whether he supports controversial federal budget cuts proposed by gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan. who won tonight? well, that's going to be up to the viewers. the candidates seemed satisfied with their performance. >> it was good. it's the fastest hour in show biz. we covered a lot of ground and i think in a civil but clear way showed that we have some differences and i think that's good for virginians. >> if he wasn't in the most partisan job jetting around the country giving speeches raising money in san francisco to new
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york city while trying to raise taxes on virginians, maybe there wouldn't have been over 100,000 jobs lost in virginia. >> reporter: well, if you were following the debate tonight on the internet, you might have noticed a lot of tweeting going on. each side put their twin on the candidate's record. live in richmond, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back into you, brian. following developing news from silver spring where a man called police to tell them he'd shot an intruder. he said he found two people in his home on good hope drive and one of them was a stranger. there was an altercation. he shot the intruder. that person showed up at holy cross hospital for treatment. a chilly day in our area, just a few hours to our west snowing. snowshoe mountain in west virginia sent us this video of the first real snow fall. it started falling at 9 a.m. and lasted until this afternoon. the resort won't open until december. sue palka is tracking the temperatures and letting us
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know when we might be able to book our first snowboarding trip out to snowshoe. >> i know your snowboard is shaking in the closet ready to go. it's probably going to be a while before we can book those trips, but it's definitely chilly tonight. we have liquid variety showers around the region. i'll show you on radar here, not a lot showing up, but across fairfax county into prince william county, let me get in tighter, you can see a couple lighter showers. she's will amount to a few 1 hundredths hundredths. an inch of rain. it's really the temperatures that are the big stories. let me show you where we're standing now with those temperatures, 51 in the district still. that doesn't change from last hour. in the mid-40s to our north and west. so the clouds and showers are keeping things level for now, but definitely could see upper 30s in the suburbs and the freeze warnings are flying out to our west where they did receive that snow earlier
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today. elkinss and snowshoe up to pittsburgh and just south -- elkins and snowshoe up to pittsburgh and just south of elsinore, won't be long before we'll get those issued for our area but overnight tonight it won't be cold enough for a frost or freeze. bundle up in the morning at the bus stop. prepare for another chilly day. i've for the warm stuff in the seven-day in a few minutes. a maryland state trooper recovering after being hit by a vehicle. the trooper was at the scene of an accident at the woodrow wilson memorial bridge. he'll be okay but was taken to the hospital. two lanes were shut down. it's back open now. a surprise announcement from a high profile murder suspect. fox 5's will thomas is everywhere at 11:00. >> convicted killer joran van der sloot says he's going to be a far. he says his girl friend who met him for a conjugal visit in a peruvian prison is pregnant. van der sloot was suspected of killing an alabama teenager and
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is wanted in the u.s. for extorting her family, but it may be harder to extradite him if the u.s. believes he is a peruvian citizen which could happen if he has a child there. he is convicted of murdering a peruvian woman two years ago. a football fan after a bar fight in florida. 42-year-old chris petriy of illinois was in jacksonville to see the bears/jaguars game yesterday when someonslashed his throat inside a bar. 27-year-old matthew hinson was mad petry was talking to his wife. a couple humiliated to find themselves at the center of a drug raid. here's what they did. they bought a bush at a yard sale in england, planted it in their yard, but they had no idea it was actually a marijuana plant. cops posted a picture on twitter saying it's one of the biggest pot plants they've ever seen. the couple is embarrassed at all the attention, no word tonight whether they'll be charged. a different kind of food fight for a good cause, 60
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restaurants and plenty of celebrities teaming up to fight hunger in the annual capital food fight. the travel channel's andrew zimr a n and d.c.'s own karla hall. tickets were $200 each. professor seeds went to d.c.'s central kitchen, a good cause. if you think gas prices in the area are high, wait till you see this. prices have gone up more than 50 cents a gallon out west in one week. we'll tell you the reason and when they're expected to drop coming up. >> and the nats have a tough game in st. louis. lindsay. >> reporter: coming up in sports nats players want their fans to come out wednesday and bring their natitude. i'll go inside the clubhouse in st. louis for some surprising reaction to a 12-4 beatdown against the cardinals all coming up on the news edge at 11:00. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. ah.
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- or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here? tough news for the budget tonight, could cost you more to use banking services and go to the grocery store. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, why it's going to cost you more to buy one of your favorite fruits. no. 5, an apple a day could hit you right in the wallet. apple prices in the northeast are rising due to cold weather creating bad growing
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conditions. it's a different story on the west coast. farms in washington state are producing a bumper crop. no. 4, eating tomatoes may lower a man's risk of stroke. tomatoes are high in the ant ox dent lycopene. researchers -- antioxidant lycopene researchessers found. no. 3, feat is changing its -- researchers found. no. 3, at&t is changing its return policy. if you bought after the 7th, you only have 14 days. most u.s. carriers have the same 14 day return policy. no. 2, honda is recalling 268 through crvs in the u.s. due to a potential fire hazard. rain may be able to get into the power window switch on the driver's side causing it to overheat and catch fire. the recall affects the 2002 to 2006 models. five fires have been reported,
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but no injuries so far. no. 1, the cost of banking is on the rise. a recent survey of 50 of the nation's largest banks finds basic banking costs jumped in about every category in 2012. after four years of declines, those overdraft fees have really soared. overdraft revenue increased by nearly $700 million in the last year and that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. also getting more expensive to drive. pollution regulations, a supply crunch and a power poutage combined to cause a very imperfect storm at the gas pump. fox's adam housely has details from l.a. >> reporter: from san francisco to san diego, redding to redondo, californians are cringing at the pump. >> it really is frustrating. >> reporter: in many cases frustrating is the nicest word drivers in the golden state are using when reacting to gasoline prices that have spiked in the
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neighborhood of 52 cents just in the last week. >> i think those prices are ridiculous. >> people working, they need a break. it's too high. it's way too high. >> i try not to drive unless i really have to. >> $10 in gas doesn't even give me a 1/4 tank, so it's really out of control. >> reporter: the official average of california's gas is 4.67 a gallon, the highest on record with many stations above five bucks for regular unleaded. experts blame the increased costs on higher demand, california's strict standards that don't allow for gas imported across state lines and refinery outages which led to decreased supply. the gas spike has politicians scrambling with just four weeks until election day. governor brown has changed california's requirements to the less stringent winter standard to help increase supply. senator dianne feinstein is calling for a federal investigation saying the prices are being manipulated. meantime president palm is here
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raising money -- president obama is here raising money across the state nearly 4 1/2 years after declaring he would work to solve the energy crisis once and for all. the high prices in california are expected to remain another week to 10 days. when they do come down, they'll be significantly higher than this point last year. across the state there have been a number of reports of thefts with gas pumps being disabled after hours and thieves siphoning gas from unlocked cars. adam housely, fox news. this is our first real cold snap, feeling it. >> most definitely, coldest air since last april 28th, the temperature today in the mid- 50s. we'll be a little warmer than that tomorrow, still below average. tonight is chilly and we still have showers floating around the region, not as much as last night, but enough to be annoying when it's this cold and there's certainly not that much benefit. we'll start out with radar so you can see where they are.
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in general these have been diminishing, but the showers we showed you earlier in fairfax are moving into montgomery county. we have others moving up from the southwest to the northeast. so we'll keep a light shower possible in the forecast overnight, but i think they'll be scattered and tomorrow only spotty showers, if any. mostly tomorrow looks dry. let's get on with the temperatures and show you the satellite, radar in motion. this is about the last three hours. you can see the general trend is for this to be pushing away and the heavier stuff we've seen down to our south also starting to slip off the coast. we begin to see a little clearing back through the pittsburgh area, but this will be hard to scour out tomorrow because we think there will building a lot of low level moisture hanging around. there's another frontal boundary still coming. this is it. it's bringing a little snow up through winnipeg. this frontal boundary will come through our area wednesday, but before it gets here for nats and orioles fans, i think the weather looks really nice
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wednesday. it will feature a little warming trend, not so much tomorrow, still 58 degrees or so. as we head into wednesday, how about 70 degrees with the average at 73. we'll be a little below. now the front swings through, maybe a spotty shower late in the day. temperature on thursday drops as a result to 64 degrees and friday about 67. so we're looking at a pretty good run of days and a lot of you really like these cool temperatures and find it energizing. there's something for everybody in this forecast. tonight it's the cool stuff, not a lot of warm air. one of the warmer spots would be annapolis at 55 degrees, d.c. 51. we've got hagerstown down to 43 and winchester up and cumberland holding onto 41 degrees with cloud cover up there. columbus comes in at 39 degrees, so plenty of company in the north east with below average temperatures. tomorrow maybe a patch or two of fog and a lot of clouds around in the morning. the farther west you go, though, the sunnier it will be. we hope the clouds will scour
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out to bring some sunny breaks in afternoon as high pressure tries to briefly build in tomorrow. wednesday we warm up a bit as this frontal boundary gets closer. we'll brighten up the skies a lot, too. a spotty shower, if any, when this noncomes through. again it will drop our temperature a bit as we get into our thursday. 45 degrees tonight, spotty showers, some places dropping to the upper 30s. there could be a patch or two of fog here and there. tomorrow's temperatures still on the chilly side in the mid- and upper 50s but with a little sunshine around by afternoon i think it will feel a lot better. big jump up wednesday as we noted. into the weekend, now on a good roll, still a little on the cool side, but saturday 66 and nice, dry for sunday as well with a temperature of 73 degrees. i think a lot of people will be talking about the wednesday forecast as we bring the nats back to town. scott smith has more on how they did today. here's his sports report. this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith.
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>> the nats have the lowest team e.r.a. in the national league this year which explains where they are now, just eight times this season giving up double digit runs in a game. half of those times were to the cardinals, so a familiar scene tonight in st. louis. game 2 bottom of the 2nd tied at 1-1. cardinals daniel decalso with an r.b.i. base knocked to right. jordan zimmerman rung up for four runs that frame. he was done after three. nats chip away at a six-run deficit. adam laroche falls to ryan zimmerman blast of his own. a solo rip makes the game 7-3, still work to do. even stoled contact was greeted by a cardinal web gem or two. check -- solid contact was greeted by a cardinal web gem or two. nats routed by eight, series tied at one game apiece. our lindsay murphy joins us live from st. louis.
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i'm sure the guys happy to be heading home, but how was the attitude in the clubhouse today? prepare i wouldn't say it was natitude. of course, this team is upset they lost, especially to lose 12-4, but they're not leaving with their heads hanging down. they came here to st. louis, played a really tough environment at busch stadium and split the series. now it's back home where they have home field advantage. >> with such a short series like we've all talked about you'll have to win games on the road anyway. for to us come here and split in a tough environment against a tough team, now we go home and if we hold home field advantage, we go to the next round. >> i think going 1-1 here is huge, coming here, winning one game, going back home the next three will be great for us and playing at home is always great. >> like i said, you work all season to get home field
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advantage and we got it going home with the series tied. we get a chance to play in front of our fans and go back home and it's what it's all. about we did our job while we were here, split the series. we'll head home. >> reporter: the nats now hope their pitching staff can get it together quickly. edwin jackson is on the hill for game three and has some postseason experience, pitched in four games for the cardinals ironically last season. they turned off the lights. i'm thinking they want to us get the heck out of town. >> we'll see you tomorrow. the orioles dropped game one against the yankees last night or this morning due to rain delay. the game didn't end until after midnight. back at it tonight in game two trying to even it up in front of the home crowd, bottom of the 3rd, o's down 1-0. chris davis with the bases loaded delivers off andy pettitte base hit to right, brings in two runs.
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7th inning and the orioles lead the yankees 3-2. we will monitor this. when we return, the status of robert griffin, iii a day after suffering a concussion against the falcons. stay with us. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class?
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read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. a day removed from being knocked out of the game with a concussion, robert griffin, iii says he feels good and if he passes the fests, he should be good to -- tests, he should be good to practice as soon as wednesday. the injury took place in the
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3rd quarter. mike shanahan said he'd like to see griffin slide earlier to avoid hits like that, but it comes with experience. shanny said when he looked into rg3's eyes when he came off the field, he knew something was wrong. >> robert said to me he's fine. i said no, you're not fine. i don't think you're fine. your eyes look a little glassy. doctors talked to him and he knew the quarter, knew the score. so he took him back into that little box behind our bench, asked him again what was the , now the second time missed it. the first time he got it. so that's when he took him into the locker room and administered the test for him, concussion test. that's when they decided that he had a concussion. >> finally shanahan says he's bringing in kickers this week to challenge billy cundiff. brian is back to wrap up the edge after this. are you ready ?
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taking the edge off tonight with a feel good surprise on the football field. the feely family was honored before the carolina/georgia game in south carolina this weekend. they were told they were the military family of the day and were very surprised to see avis message from dad who was serving over-- see a video message from dad who was serving overseas. that wasn't the only surprise. dad walked onto the field after coming home from deployment early. the crowd went wild. watch that video in its entirety if you get a chance, folks. go online and track it down.
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have a great night. see you tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.


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